1. The position of the container should not be altered once delivered.
2. Only approved materials may be loaded into the skip/grab lorry.
3. If the skip is required to be placed on a public highway a license will need to be obtained by us from your local council prior to the commencement of skip hire.
4. The company will not be liable for any penalties or other liabilities arising as a result of the failure of the customer to comply with Section 31 of the Highway Act 1971.
The company reserve the right to request supporting documentation from the customer relating to compliance with Council road permits and suspended bay authorisations.
Responsibility for maintaining validity of said permits and authorisations and of keeping the company updated remain with the customer at all times.
5. Where our vehicles are required to leave the Public Highway, in order to enter private property for the purposes of delivery or collection of a container or any other materials; Liability and responsibility for all claims, damages or expenses shall be assumed by the customer.

This includes claims against property or personal injury sustained by the customer, or any third party, and indemnifies us against all claims, demands and costs however so arising.

6. Customers shall reimburse us in respect of any loss or damage to the containers whilst on hire to them, whatever the cause, with the exception of general wear and tear.
The customer shall also fully indemnify us in respect of any claims for injury to persons or property arising out of the use of the containers whilst on hire to them however caused.
7. Customers undertake to adhere to the conditions of the Highways Authority (including in particular the provision of lamps and traffic cones) if containers are sited anywhere where they are likely to be a contributory cause of damage or injury to third parties during the hours of darkness, customers must provide adequate warning lights on the containers and ensure the safe loading of materials into the containers.
8. If we are unable to deliver a skip due to reasons such as the client not being able to provide access, hire charges may still apply.
.9. Should the company become aware that customers have our containers and are not in compliance with the above terms and conditions of hire, we reserve the right to remove the container immediately without notice.